Procure to pay cycle and accounting document at each step

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meaning of purchase requisition

Mostly found in manually operated purchase systems , it is usually done by the Inventory control section . The overall quality of the jobs to be executed along with the expected Performance Guarantees are also mentioned in the Indent. It should be capable of meeting with several suppliers for bidding.

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Upon receiving the order, they are matched with the requisition request ensuring business security. Also, the purchase requisition document would serve as a record in case a future problem arises concerning the negotiated prices or items ordered with the vendor. The first step in purchasing begins with purchase requisitions. Thus, purchase indents provide important inputs in establishing material requirement practices within an organization. Once the vendor delivers the products or items, the receiving department matches them with the purchase order.

Template will specify the things the company is acquiring and when the delivery date. However, more information will not be available until the company issues a press statement. Source to Pay can be an excellent way to make effective use of resources while empowering your procurement teams. However, automation can streamline this journey and deliver tangible results in the form of greater efficiency, increased savings, and effective procurement with minimal turnaround time. By bringing employees and vendors on the same platform, you will be giving them a common language to communicate with each other.

meaning of purchase requisition

Both these documents help businesses to manage cost and inventory. They ensure transparency during audits and protect both the vendors and your business. Every time an employee needs to purchase goods and services for a business, they have to get permission from the finance department. The purchase can be for office supplies, inventory, items for manufacturing, etc. To do anything on behalf of the company, you need approval from an authorised person first. Purchase requisition forms create an audit trail and ensure transparency in all processes.

What is the difference between purchase requisition and purchase order?

It also accounts for preventative optimization where measures such as vendor onboarding, contract management, and bidding ensure fairness during strategic sourcing. Source to Pay, or STP or S2P, is a cycle that starts with the discovery of suppliers or vendors and ends with the payment of goods and services. Bridging these two endpoints are activities such as floating a proposal, competitive bidding, negotiation of contracts, and more depending on the industry. A manual purchase order process can hurt your business in many ways.

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  • Purchase requisitions are essential to prevent fraud and misuse of the company’s funds.
  • The shortlisted vendors are made a part of the vendor master data and receive all communications for the sourcing process.
  • Choosing any purchase requisition system will enable you to automate business processes like approval, rejection, and process purchase requests seamlessly.

Purchase Indent provides all details about the items required, make, specifications, units, expected date, estimated prices, etc. When all this is formally documented and agreed upon, it helps provide complete clarity and ensures that everyone agrees that the right materials are being ordered as per specific requirements. This eliminates the chances of misunderstanding and pointing fingers at others within the company. This ensures the right material is available in the required quantity at the appropriate time. Purchase requisitions are prepared by employees based on the services, goods, or products they require. The purchase requisitions form is submitted with the relevant details to the relevant department (i.e., procurement or purchasing department) for approval.

Through SalesBabu ERP, companies can manage multiple store and maintain stock on a single database. SalesBabu ERP enables companies to do GRN, allow internal communication in between purchase department & inventory management via Purchase Indent feature. The purchase requisition process starts with a purchase requisition form. These are the documents that are developed by the purchaser and submitted to the finance department of the company.

Can be created and designated to several locations in the Aerchain portal. Ave it as a draft when you click on the “Save” button so that you can edit it whenever it is required. In Aerchain, users can create these PRs with ease following the below steps.

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Difference Between Source to Pay and Procure to Pay

If you have multiple items to add then click on “Add Items In Bulk”. Here you can add items either by searching the name or by selecting the category from the drop-down. Finally, after selecting the items, click on the “Add button ()” to add all the items and then click on “Add”. In brief, all the parts / components needed to make a product ,when listed along with the individual quantity, are called Bill of materials. A Purchase requisition is a document that is used to list down the requirement and is sent to Purchase department for further processing.

meaning of purchase requisition

Purchasing and procurement are universal in every business or company. The need for office supplies, equipment, raw materials, products, and other items surfaces from time to time across diverse departments, teams, and projects within an organization. An Enterprise Resource Planning system is a software which is used to manage tasks such as accounting, procurement, project management, supply chain operation, risk management and compliance. It helps to plan, budget, report on the organisation’s financial results. Now organization or company-based customization could be made in the digital form. The company-specific rules, approvals, additional workflow steps, unique processes, exceptions, etc., could be crafted into the application.

Contents of a purchase requisition form

In the case of products, the supplier will manufacture or acquire the products mentioned in the PO. The time taken in this step of the purchase order process can vary depending on the type of product. Once the PO reaches the finance department, a team of officials continues the purchase order process by examining the PO. The team usually consists of a requisitioner, sign-off authority, procurement officers, and finance professionals. After analyzing the PO, the finance department can accept, reject, or hold the purchase request.

Payables also integrates with Oracle Cash Management to support automatic or manual reconciliation of your payments with bank statements sent by the bank. With Oracle Purchasing module, you can create, edit, and review requisition information on-line. Then the Requisitions went for approvals from proper authorities. Requisitions represent the demand for any goods or services that an organization needs. Below picture explain procure to pay cycle and corresponding accounting entry at each step. Once digitized, you can gain various benefits such as checking progress, generating reports, based on various parameters, to gain insights and share with concerned people easily.


Employee belonging to the department needs to raise purchase request or purchase requisition. This purchase requisition needs to have information like name of material/ services, quantity, expected date of delivery and expected price. Purchase requisition may also need to be approved by head of department before initiating finance department approval.

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Then using a three-way matching process, the accuracy of the order is assessed by matching the purchase order, packaging slip/ order receipt, and invoice. The three-way matching ensures the payment is done only for the ordered and received items, and no extra or additional money is being charged meaning of purchase requisition or wasted. In the case of returns, the warehouse team or receiving team processes it. Please note that PO and invoice are different documents, though they might seem similar. Both have details about the goods or services purchased, payment details, and information about the buyer and seller.

Purchase Indent is a formal document to authorize the requisition of materials for creating a purchase order. It can be prepared online via ERP or in Word Format or Excel Format. It is a crucial document that helps manage inventory better and establish material requirement discipline within an organization. If proper purchase indent practices are followed it will help curb mismanagement and save the working capital of the company. Purchase requisitions serve as proof for the material, goods, service, or items demanded and ordered by a department or team, holding them accountable.

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