We shall take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. For the purposes of this policy “personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act. We may electronically collect, store and use personal information with your consent (if you don’t consent to this, please do not access or register on the website). This personal information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • name and surname;
  • age and/ or birthday;
  • verification that you are of legal age;
  • gender;
  • address and contact details including your
    • email address;
    • phone number/s;
    • country of residence;
    • area or postal code;
  • personal preferences if provided;
  • browsing history;
  • purchase history;
  • non-personal browsing habits and click patterns;
  • IP address.

We collect, store and use the personal information described in order to (but not limited to the following):

  • enable you to create a personal profile on this website;
  • enable you to make use of this website in the manner described on this website, from time to time;
  • enable us to make relevant wine recommendations on a personalised basis;
  • communicate information to you regularly, for example through newsletters;
  • compile and maintain the website and client database;
  • register and/or authenticate users of and/or visitors to the website;
  • identify and take reasonable measures to prevent fraudulent uses of or access to the website;
  • compile non-personal statistical information about browsing habits, click patterns and access to the website;
  • attract suppliers by showing anonymised information about the database, for example demographics;
  • participate in affiliate marketing relationships by tracking visitor origin through the use of cookies;
  • track client database size and growth;and
  • track compliance of registrants and third parties with these terms of use.

The personal information is collected either electronically (for example, through the use of cookies) or is provided voluntarily by users of and/or visitors to the website. You may determine cookie use independently through your web browser settings. You may request details of your personal information which we collect, store and use. The process you should follow is detailed in our Promotion of Access to Information manual, details of which are set out elsewhere. In the event that your personal information is inaccurately or incompletely reflected in our database, you agree that it is your responsibility to notify us of this fact and to supply us with the accurate or complete information to enable us to address your concerns. Personal information collected from you may be deleted from the website and member databases when your account on the website is terminated for any reason. We may compile, use and share any of the information that is anonymised and/or does not relate to a specific individual. We will never share, disclose or sell the personal information unless we are required to do so by law.


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